Map of Costa Rica

Religion in Costa Rica, 2009 (English in .pdf)

Religion en Costa Rica, 2009 (Spanish in .pdf)

Public Opinion Polls on Religious Affiliation, 1983-2012 (.pdf)

Spanish Directory of Religious Groups in Costa Rica: 2012 (.pdf)

Database of all known Religious Groups in Costa Rica
(Go to RITA Database search engine: choose "Costa Rica")

Profiles of New Religious Movements (in Spanish)

The Charismatic Renewal Movement in Costa Rica (.pdf)

Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Costa Rica, 2011 (a new look)


A Family Tree of the Protestant Movement

Statistical Table on the 
Protestant Movement: May 2001

A Chronology of Protestant Beginnings (.pdf)

Directory of Protestant Denominations in Costa Rica: 2006 (.htm)

Directory of Protestant Denominations in Costa Rica: 2010 (.xls)

Protestant Church Growth Trends: 1900-2000

Wilton Nelson
Historia del Protestantismo en Costa Rica (hasta 1980)
(Publicaciones IINDEF, 1983 - 362 pages in PDF)

Historical Profiles: The 12 Largest Protestant
Denominations in Costa Rica, 1880s-2000

Protestant Mega-Churches in Costa Rica

Spanish Pages on Religion in Costa Rica: 2001 National Study

National Study of Evangelical Church Growth in Costa Rica, June-November 2013 (in Spanish)

Documents on Ethnic & Religious Diversity in Costa Rica

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